Bubble Tea Trends

Although bubble tea has had an undeniable presence in American cities for over a decade, the trend continues to grow each year. On the NYU Campus, it’s nearly impossible to pass the day without seeing someone with a bubble tea in hand. With its strong caffeine content and added carbs from the boba (tapioca pearls), it doubles as a snack and pick-me-up for students in a hurry. The city is home to dozens of shops with new ones popping up regularly.

Bubble tea is at least partly responsible for the boost to China’s tea export business, growing 8.2% from 2016 to 2017 according to Chinese customs statistics. This growth isn’t expected to slow down any time soon. The business of bubble tea is very attractive to entrepreneurs, with ease of preparation and high profit margins. It’s popularity among college students in particular has triggered the growth of small chains and independents on campuses across the country.

With younger consumers pushing the trend, it’s no surprise that cafes are starting to use more natural ingredients and add unique twists like “cheese tea”, a salty cheese foam added on top. Matcha has also been a big driver of sales as its popularity has exploded through social media. The fine green tea powder originated in Japan and was used by Buddhist monks to stay calm and alert during mediation. With a vivid green color and loads of antioxidants, Matcha has now been characterized as a “superfood”.

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