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In the early 1980’s, Liu Han Chieh, a local teashop owner in Taiwan, decided to experiment with the classic milk tea drink by mixing in a few twists. Liu Han Chieh mixed the milk tea with fruit syrups, candied yams, and added the tapioca pearls in the drink. The end product, which soon became known as “bubble tea,” was officially introduced. Today, “bubble tea” remains an international favorite as its popularity continues to grow worldwide.

what is BUBBLE TEA?

“Bubble Tea”, also known as Boba Milk Tea, Tapioca Pearl Tea or Pearl Milk Tea, is a creamy delectable drink that can be served either hot or cold. It is a medley of tea, milk, fruit, and fruit concentrate, topped with a variety of garnishes/toppings – the most common one is tapioca pearls. Over time, tapioca pearls are often thought to be the intention behind the name “bubble tea”, even though the name “bubble tea” originate from the bubbly foam creates by vigorous shaking the blended drink.

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